Clean, reliable and affordable wave power technology

Our mission is to make commercially viable, scalable wave energy technology to power communities, towns and cities across the world.
We’re on track to do this by 2020.

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Watch our animation to learn why WaveSub is the future of affordable power

WaveSub is the future of energy

The WaveSub is a next generation wave energy device from Marine Power Systems. Powerful, reliable and affordable, the device addresses all of the challenges of energy generation at sea. A quarter scale prototype was successfully installed at the marine test centre FaBTest in 2018.

We’ve already gained a lot of support, with Marine Power Systems securing over £3m investment from the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government for the manufacturing and testing of the WaveSub prototype.

The WaveSub: addressing the challenges of energy generation at sea


The marine environment is extremely harsh, forces on any device must be limited


WaveSub alters its depth to optimise power and ducks under powerful storms

Energy Capture

Subsurface orbital energy flow is powerful but often very difficult to harness


WaveSub operates under the surface of the sea, moving in orbital motion with the wave

Capital Cost

Devices need to be cheap to build in relation to the power they produce


WaveSub doesn’t rely on complicated bespoke components and is optimised for commercially available manufacturing

Operation Cost

Devices need to be quick and simple to deploy, recover and service


WaveSub floats to its install site and is designed to be easily moved and maintained

Why Wave Power?

The global wave energy resource can only be described as ‘vast’, with the potential, even if only partially exploited, to significantly reduce dependency on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.


Water is 800x denser than air meaning that the energy in waves is highly concentrated compared to wind energy.


Waves can be forecasted 1-3 days in advance, easing integration with local power grids.


Waves, unlike wind, do not disappear when the wind stops blowing. Instead, waves travel outwards from their source until they reach shore where they become breaking waves.


The passage of swells through the open ocean is an incredibly efficient process – waves can travel hundreds, even thousands of miles with little loss of energy.

Award Winning Technology

Throughout our journey from a simple idea to a world-changing energy harnessing product, we have picked up a lot of positive attention along the way.