by MPS • December 22, 2017

It has been quite a year. Within the last 12 months Marine Power Systems have surged forward towards its long-term ambition to unleash the energy generation potential of the ocean’s waves. Last December Welsh Minister Jane Hutt joined us to deliver the announcement that MPS had reached a significant milestone with the build stage of […]

Investing in our Energy Future

by MPS • October 13, 2017

By Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems (MPS) Today we unveil our quarter scale WaveSub prototype. It is a momentous day for the company and all those who were involved in the project over the last nine years of its creation. As we prepare for the unveiling, we take a moment to […]

Tackling the challenges of energy generation at sea

by MPS • August 31, 2017

By Dr Graham Foster, Chief Technology Officer,  Marine Power Systems (MPS) In this month’s blog, CTO Graham Foster takes some time to consider the challenges of energy generation at sea and explains how the unique mechanics of the WaveSub device address them. How do you successfully generate energy from moving water? This question has occupied the […]

Making Wave Power Work: MPS launch new report outlining its ‘10% by 2050’ vision

by MPS • July 6, 2017

Last week MPS launched its new report on wave energy.

Waving farewell to coal: a case for renewable tech investment

by MPS • May 16, 2017

UK National Grid provided Britain with its first 24 hours of coal-free energy since the Industrial Revolution.

Can Welsh Marine Energy really boost the economy?

by MPS • April 4, 2017

Marine developers active in Wales will invest £1.4bn over the next five years.

What does 2017 hold for wave power?

by MPS • March 28, 2017

Take a look at what 2017 has thrown our way so far.