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For decades, engineers have been trying to find the very best way to capture the power potential of the ocean.  But, conditions at sea are harsh and developing technology to withstand waves is no simple task.  But, like any important journey, success is increasingly likely with knowledge, time and persistence.

Immensely Efficient

The WaveSub is immensely efficient in power generation, construction and installation – creating the potential for a substantially lower energy cost than has been achieved by other wave-based renewable energy technologies.

The WaveSub directly addresses the fundamental challenges facing devices generating energy at sea.


MPS has been focused on building a wave energy generation device that can address the four main challenges of energy generation at sea.

With extensive sea trials and tank testing behind us and testing underway of our quarter scale prototype, we believe the WaveSub has potential to move forward the burgeoning marine energy industry by generating reliable, affordable wave power. 

Once we have completed the initial testing of our quarter scale WaveSub, we will open a new round of fundraising to develop a full-scale multi-megawatt device required for the deployment of wave farms from 2020.


Watch the video of our device launch.

The WaveSub: addressing the challenges of energy generation at sea


The marine environment is extremely harsh, forces on any device must be limited


WaveSub alters its depth to optimise power and ducks under powerful storms

Energy Capture

Subsurface orbital energy flow is powerful but often very difficult to harness


WaveSub operates under the surface of the sea, moving in orbital motion with the wave

Capital Cost

Devices need to be cheap to build in relation to the power they produce


WaveSub doesn’t rely on complicated bespoke components and is optimised for commercially available manufacturing

Operation Cost

Devices need to be quick and simple to deploy, recover and service


WaveSub floats to its install site and is designed to be easily moved and maintained

Reliable Energy

The WaveSub captures wave energy mid to far offshore by utilising the continual orbital motion of waves to drive a sophisticated PTO system. It’s ability to ‘hide’ from storms minimises stress put on the device.

Over 100 metres long and rated at 5MW in capacity, each WaveSub device can power approximately 5,000 homes. This is a similar power output to a large offshore wind turbine.

Affordable Energy

The WaveSub devices are cost effective to build, using pre-designed equipment with minimal bespoke engineering required. This means parts are simple to find and replace in the long term.

Deployed and maintained through the use of a simple tug, installation and service costs are kept low. The cost of WaveSub electricity is predicted to be competitive with off-shore wind.


Invest into the infinite energy resource of the future

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